Dental hygiene therapists are able to work independently of the dentist, meaning patients have greater access to good oral healthcare.

Their aim is to help you develop a robust oral health regime to combat periodontal disease and tooth decay and create an overall healthier mouth.

We are proud to now have two dental hygiene therapists as part of the team at Oakwood Dental Practice.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider booking an appointment.

1. Boost your confidence

Smile with confidence by banishing bad breath and brightening your smile.

Our new AIR-FLOW system removes plaque debris and tooth stains such as tobacco, tea, coffee and wine in a gentle and affordable way.

Perfect for a special occasion, pre-holiday or as a regular clean to maintain a healthy mouth.

2. Prevent oral diseases

Tooth decay is completely preventable with the correct advice from the hygienist and/or dentist and an effective home care regime.

Good oral hygiene and regular appointments with the hygienist and/or dentist can prevent or stabilise periodontal disease.

During routine examinations and cleans, the dentist and hygienist are often the first to notice early changes and potential cancerous growths. They can give advice to reduce the risk of cancer and, if an abnormality is found, can refer on to a specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

3. Treat oral diseases

Dental Hygiene Therapists specialise in the treatment of periodontal disease, using professional techniques to disrupt plaque in harder to reach areas.

This includes our new PERIO-FLOW, a system which can flush bacteria from pockets caused by the periodontal disease without damaging gum tissues.

4. Reduce the risk of other systemic diseases

There is growing evidence of the link between poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease and chronic systemic diseases, such as heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, adverse pregnancy outcomes and, more recently, dementia.

It is increasingly acknowledged that oral health education is an important part of your general health.

5. Treat yourself

You will be amazed how fresh and bright your smile can be after a hygienist treatment.

If you’d like a book an appointment, then call 0113 240 2140 to speak to reception.