The Practice continues to provide urgent care to all of our patients therefore, if you feel that you require urgent dental care or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0113 240 2140.

We understand that it is a confusing time for both our patients and ourselves, so we have provided some frequently asked questions which can hopefully offer clarity during the current situation regarding the booking of appointments.


Why has my dental examination been cancelled and when can I rebook?

Your appointment has been cancelled as we are prioritising urgent treatment at this point. We will contact you to book in for an appointment when we begin to have available diary space for routine care.


I was meant to come back for treatment which has now been cancelled. What happens next?

We have specific zoned times in the diary to provide treatment and we endeavour to do so as quickly as we possibly can. When providing treatment, to keep patients and staff safe, we have to block out longer appointment times into the diary and also allow the surgeries to sit empty for a period of time afterwards. This means that we cannot see as many patients on a daily basis as we could previously.

Please bear with us, we appreciate waiting for an appointment is frustrating but we will try and see everyone as quickly as we possibly can.

I have a problem but I don’t think it is an emergency.

We currently have a new software on our website where our dentists can help you remotely rather than booking in for an appointment. To use the software correctly, and to help the dentist provide an accurate diagnosis, you will be asked to take a series of photographs and provide an accurate description of your problem. The dentists can then provide you with advice, a treatment plan, estimate of costs, or book you in for an appointment if they feel it is necessary.

This software is not only for dental problems, it can be used if patients are interested in cosmetic treatments such as bonded white fillings or crowns, Invisalign (teeth straightening), teeth whitening and many more…

Please click:


You have cancelled my dental check-up but I am in pain/ have a problem, what do I do?

If you are experiencing pain, or have a broken tooth or problem, please contact the practice on 0113 2402140. Our reception team can then offer you a suitable assessment appointment where you will be triaged for treatment.


I regularly see the hygiene therapist. Is this service still available?

Our hygienist will be resuming appointments in early July.  We are currently booking people into our diary for this treatment so you may already have been contacted.

If you already had an appointment booked into the diary , prior to lockdown, to see one of our hygiene therapist, please assume that this appointment is cancelled for the time being as our scheduling has changed. Hygiene appointments, like other treatments, now have to be provided in a specific zoned timescale therefore we will need to reschedule to a day and time where we can accommodate.

Initially the hygiene care will be done using precision hand scaling instruments. Hand scaling is just as effective as using the ultrasonic scaler, the process just takes a little longer.

Both hand and ultrasonic scaling with the Hygiene therapist will be charged from £60 per session.  Where ultrasonic scaling is required, additional costs for the use of PPE will be added at £15 per session.

If you pay for your dental hygiene care through one of our dental care plans, we have credited your account with 2 months’ worth of your direct debit payments which can be used against the additional PPE costs, or any additional treatment that may be required.


Last time I attended, my dentist made a referral, what happens next?

If you were referred to the dental hospital, they should have contacted you to advise you on their current protocol. If you have not heard from the dental hospital, and wish to speak to them, their telephone number is 0113 2440111.

If you were referred to a specialist practice, please note that they will also be following a protocol therefore will be in contact with you as soon as they are able to do so.

Many Private specialist practices currently remained closed.


I need a Prescription for toothpaste that I normally get at my check-up, what do I do?

If you require a prescription for toothpaste, that you have previously been prescribed by one of our dentists, please email your request, including your full name and date of birth, to

You will be advised when your prescription is ready and from which pharmacy you can collect your toothpaste.


I have been booked an appointment and have filled in the online forms, what do I do now?

When you have an appointment booked in you will be sent a link to fill in some of the routine forms required. Once you have completed the forms they automatically update onto our system so you do not need to let us know that you have completed them.  If they are not correctly filled in, you will be prompted to correct them and the system will not allow you to progress through until this is done.

I have completed my online forms but it won’t let me check in?

Online check in function is only available up to 30 minutes prior to your booked appointment time – you cannot check in any sooner.