Are your teeth chipped or worn down? Do your teeth look flatter? Don’t despair, we have an effective and non-invasive solution, using composite resin additions.

Photographs of the teeth before and after treatment

Before and after treatment

“I had composites fitted to my worn away front teeth and am very happy with the results!” CW

Tooth wear happens for a variety of reasons, but often is due to excessive grinding of the teeth together over a protracted period of time. This can be accelerated by the softening of the teeth due to an acidic diet.

If caught early there is a very simple, non invasive, reversible solution: composite resin additions.

Composite resin is a tooth-coloured filling material that can be colour matched to precisely the colour of your natural tooth. It is added onto the worn down tooth with special ‘glue’ and can then be shaped and highly polished, leaving the tooth looking and working as good as new!