At Oakwood Dental Practice, we can treat white spots on teeth with ICON, a minimally invasive procedure.

Icon Before & After photographs

Before and after treatment

“I had a cosmetic resin treatment to remove white marks from my teeth. I was already fairly happy with my smile but can’t believe the difference!

Absolutely chuffed, thank you!” M.E.

White spots on teeth can occur for a number of reasons;

  • loss of mineral due to acid attack from diet or poor brushing
  • excess fluoride during teeth growth
  • or just a developmental anomaly

Whatever the cause, the effect is the same, resulting in a porosity within the structure of the outer surface of the enamel. This reflects light in a different way to smooth unblemished enamel and our eyes perceive it as an unsightly white (or sometimes brown) spot.

What can be done? In the ‘old days’ of dentistry, the only solution was fillings or veneers to hide them, which is extremely destructive to the tooth and can lead to long term problems with the nerve inside the tooth.

Now there is ICON resin treatment which is minimally invasive, no drills or injections required.

The surface of the white spot is gently polished to get access to the porosity which is then flooded with a clear resin. The resin then hardens and the white spot becomes less visible, and often disappears from view completely!