Why should a dentist do facial rejuvenation?  Why shouldn’t they….?

As Coronavirus starts to fade away and the incessant online meetings and webinars decline, it is possible that the full glare of video conferencing is likely to have made us assess our facial form and expressions like never before, and may be considering a fresh start. 

Cosmetic injectables are a fabulous way to enhance an individual’s natural assets, and slow down the ageing process keeping you looking fresh and youthful. As we get older our bodies stop producing collagen and elastin, both of which contribute to the youthful look; these levels decline at a rate of about 2% per year and will have stopped being produced by our late twenties.

Dermal fillers are a popular choice when it comes to facial rejuvenation. They are made up of a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid that is found in the body. The gel like substance is injected into the skin to add volume and projection. The gel comes in different textures and volumes which can mimic the soft tissue of the lips and nose or act as scaffolding giving definition to the cheek and jawlines. 

The popularity of non-surgical cosmetic procedures is on the rise and the demand has never been higher. From fillers to antiwrinkle treatments and everything in between it’s difficult to know where to start, and where to go for safe treatment in such an unregulated industry. It may come as a surprise but in the UK there is currently no legislation as to who can inject dermal fillers; it can be administrated by anyone regardless of their level of training, medical or other.

In the unregulated world of cosmetic injectables; it should be reassuring to clients that not only do dentists work in one of the most heavily regulated environments in healthcare. We have an unrivalled knowledge of the anatomy of the head and neck, and are vastly experienced in giving injections into this sensitive area multiple times per day. Dentists spend all day assessing facial form and symmetry so are well placed when it comes to placing fillers that requires such precision and artistry, with high cosmetic demands. Dentists are well placed to deal with any complications that may arise from these treatments. 

At Oakwood Dental, we are really proud to have Dr Sandy Cheema working with us, not only as an excellent dentist, but increasingly in the field of facial aesthetics and rejuvenation.  She has a multitude of experience and only uses premium products with strong evidence-based safety track records. We believe that patient education is paramount and offer a range of treatment options for each area. 

When considering non-surgical aesthetics treatments, the choice of clinician should be the defining factor. So, if you are looking for a discreet, professional, artistic, safe and fully regulated approach to your Anti Wrinkle or filler treatments then you should look no further than a free no-obligations consultation with Dr Sandy (BDS) of C2 Aesthetics at Oakwood Dental Practice who would be happy to advise you.  To book a consultation simply email enquiries@oakwood-dental.co.uk and we will do the rest!

Most of all, stay safe, and enjoy the new you!