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Hygiene Therapy Services

The importance of healthy gums can’t be understated, and it’s mostly how you look after them that counts.

Your gums are part of the foundation of your teeth, meaning no matter how perfect your teeth are, if your gums aren’t happy and healthy, you’re still at risk of losing them. 

Dental hygiene therapists are the experts in oral health, equipped not only with the knowledge and tools to give your teeth and gums a high quality clean, but to educate you on how you can keep your gums in tip top shape at home. 

Dental hygiene therapy can also provide leading stain removal services, to keep teeth looking clean and bright, despite all those highly staining foods and drinks that we enjoy in our day to day life. Stain removal can also be used to treat staining from other causes such as smoking, frequent chlorine exposure and medications or mouthwashes.


    Everyone who wants to keep their teeth and gums healthy! Although it’s usually adults that tend to use our hygiene therapy services, they are available to children as well, especially those who are undergoing orthodontic treatment (braces).
    It’s never too early to benefit from good oral health and our dental therapists can help you with the following:


    • Treatment of inflamed gums (gingivitis)
    • Treatment of periodontal disease, which is gingivitis which has progressed and started to negatively affect the bone which holds your teeth.
    • Routine maintenance cleaning of your teeth and gums
    • Stain removal
    • Oral health education, including demonstrations on how to most effectively clean around and between your teeth.

    Here at Oakwood Dental Practice we provide 3 hygiene therapy appointments, depending on the type of treatment you are looking for.

    The Classic Clean

    The classic clean is our standard hygiene therapy appointment; suitable for routine maintenance where there is no gum disease present, mild calculus (calcified plaque) and mild staining.

    The Diamond Clean

    The diamond clean is suitable for treatment of or maintenance where there is active gum disease present, or those requiring a more indepth cleaning. This includes anyone with a more moderate to heavy build up of calculus or staining that may require more time and treatment.

    The High Gloss Platinum Clean

    The high gloss platinum clean is our most extensive hygiene appointment and is suitable for those with a heavy build up of staining or calculus, requiring more time and equipment to get your teeth and gums back to optimal health and cosmetic appearance.


    STEP 1

    You may be offered local anaesthetic if you have particularly sensitive teeth, or your gums are very inflamed.

    STEP 2

    Using industry gold standard equipment, materials and techniques, your dental therapist will work their way around all of your teeth, removing plaque, calculus and staining. Leaving you with fantastically clean teeth and gums.

    STEP 3

    You will receive oral hygiene and tooth brushing advice tailored specially to you and your mouth, taking into consideration any factors that may be affecting your oral hygiene routine. This can include a demonstration of the most effective way to keep your teeth and gums clean.


    The Classic Clean £68
    The Diamond Clean £95
    The High Gloss Platinum Clean £135

    Hygiene services are included in our membership plans.  Read more about our membership plans here.


    Normal brushing and flossing can resume immediately after your treatment. If you have been advised to make any changes to your routine, or use any extras such as interdental brushes, then it’s best to implement these as soon as possible, whilst your teeth are squeaky clean, giving you a blank slate to start with.
    You may find that there is some sensitivity, or your gums feel a bit tender following your treatment, any discomfort following the treatment should resolve itself after 2-3 days and using a sensitive toothpaste can help with any sensitivity.
    If you are numb:
    Avoid chewing on the numb side of your mouth as you may bite your tongue and lips without noticing.
    Be careful with hot drinks, as it may be difficult to tell if the temperature is too hot.