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WHITE SPOT TREATMENT - Reduce white spots and even the colour of your teeth with icon resin

Icon Resin

ICON Resin is a non-invasive treatment ideal for improving the appearance of white spots or mottled teeth.

There’s no drilling or covering of the teeth, so you can achieve a great uniform result without the need to remove, or mask, any of your natural tooth surface.

ICON Resin can also be used to try and prevent early tooth decay that has formed between teeth from progressing further.


ICON resin is suitable for treating adult teeth in both adults and children, who are looking for a non-invasive way to improve the appearance of teeth with white spots, brown speckling or mottling, usually caused by the following:


  • Demineralisation of the enamel (the beginning of tooth decay) from high sugar diets or poor brushing
  • Poor brushing whilst having braces or not cleaning properly around the brackets.
  • Fluorosis and other developmental enamel defects
  • Health conditions such as coeliac disease and acid reflux
  • Genetics



No local anaesthetic or drilling needed! We will begin by isolating the tooth or teeth being treated, to make sure everything stays nice and dry.


A layer of gel will be applied to your tooth to help open the pores and allow for the resin to soak in. The surface of your tooth will be gently buffed with this gel for about 2 minutes before being rinsed and dried. This stage can be repeated up to 3 times until there is a noticeable reduction in the appearance of the white spots or discolouration being treated.


Once your clinician is happy with the new appearance of your tooth, the icon resin will be applied and allowed to soak into your tooth surface, then light cured (set).


ICON Resin is £99 per tooth.

As with many of our treatments, patients on one of our membership plans get a 10% discount.

Read more about our membership plans here.


There is no numbing or gradual setting to worry about however your tooth or teeth may be more porous for the first 24 hours following treatment. This means they could pick up staining a bit easier, so it is best to avoid any foods or drinks that are dark or heavily staining for these first 24 hours.


Does it hurt?
There’s no drilling, numbing or pain with ICON Resin. The only discomfort you may experience is very slight sensitivity whilst drying the tooth or teeth being treated if you usually experience sensitivity to cold.
How long does it take?
Appointment length depends on the number of teeth being treated as well as the severity of the white spots or discolouration being treated. Each tooth usually takes around 15-20 minutes from start to finish although some can be treated at the same time.
Are the results instant?
The difference will be visible as soon as your treatment is complete, so you can see how much improvement has been made there and then.