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Global Dental Accident and Emergency Scheme

One of the key benefits of your membership plan with Oakwood Dental Practice (both adult and children) is access to the Global Accident and Emergency Scheme.

What is the scheme? 

The Global Accident and Emergency Scheme is a wholly discretionary scheme, not an insured scheme, established to offer support and assistance to dental patients who:

  • Request treatment following an accident
  • Have a dental emergency
  • Are diagnosed with mouth cancer

This scheme is a fantastic benefit to everyone, but particularly those who play contact sports and children (generally, dental injuries peak between the ages of 7-12 years). 

The scheme is available to the individual that the plan is registered to. You can find out more by reading the Global Dental A&E handbook.


If you’ve had an accident, have a dental emergency away from home or are diagnosed with mouth cancer you can make a request for assistance directly from the scheme at https://globaldentalscheme.co.uk, where the team will be happy to help and guide you.