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  • New patient examinations are £90. A £45 deposit is to be taken at the time of booking the appointment.
  • Deposits will be taken when booking any appointments at Oakwood Dental Practice.
  • A 50% deposit towards treatment requiring Laboratory work is to be paid at the preparation appointment and remaining balance to be paid on completion.
  • Failure to Attend an appointment or Cancellation at Short Notice (less than 24 hours) will incur a £1 per minute lost appointment charge i.e. a 30 minute missed appointment will incur a £30 charge. The charge will be deducted from the deposit taken on booking the appointment.
  • It is the patient’s responsibility to book and attend their own appointments. The practice offers a complimentary email reminder service however is not responsible for missed appointments.
  • The Dentist/Therapist or, in the absence of The Dentist/Therapist, his/her nominated deputy will provide dental services.
  • The Patient must ensure their contact details are up to date at each visit. If their details change, they must inform the practice.
  • We operate a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY at the practice towards antisocial behaviour. Any person found to be displaying intimidating, abusive, or threatening behaviour towards a team member or another patient will be asked to leave the practice immediately and will no longer be seen as a patient to the practice. Where necessary, the practice will contact the local authorities for assistance.

Emergency dentistry  

  • In the event of a dental emergency, private patients can be seen at the practice outside working hours. The on-call facility is available between 6pm and 9pm weekdays and between 9am and 1pm on Saturdays. For an emergency appointment you will be charged £100 call out fee PLUS the cost of treatment provided, which will must be paid at the call out appointment.
  • Patient’s who are part of our Dental Membership Plans will not need to pay a call out fee as this will be covered under the supplementary cover terms and conditions.