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Patients come to us for smile transformations for lots of reasons, in this case our patient had concerns about the functionality of his teeth as well as wanting to improve the appearance of his smile.

Following a consultation, Dr Barbie created a bespoke treatment plan for our patient to address the main concerns. Dr Barbie’s assessment was:

“This patient had chipped and worn upper teeth, and multiple missing teeth which was starting to affect his ability to chew. The treatment plan was to restore the teeth to their original height to treat the tooth wear, and then fill in the gaps using implants and conventional dental bridge. Natural tooth colour was lifted with bleaching treatment and crowns and bridges and composite work blended to match.”

The treatment plan involved:

• Extraction of upper right first premolar due to vertical fracture
• Tooth whitening on the upper and lower arches
• Smilefast composite veneers at increased tooth height to treat tooth wear on visible upper front teeth
• Composite bonding on lower front teeth incisal edges to increased tooth height
• Dental implant placements to replace missing teeth to stablise the bite
• Dental fixed bridge to replace missing upper teeth
• New tooth coloured crown built to new bite.

Take a look at the incredible results achieved…


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