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Our Direct Access Hygiene Therapy appointments are ideal for people who are not registered patients at Oakwood Dental Practice, but want to remove plaque and staining and freshen up their smile!

What happens at a Direct Access Hygiene Therapy appointment?

All of our Hygiene Therapy appointments are performed by one of our Dental Therapists.

During the appointment your Dental Therapist, using gold-standard equipment, materials and techniques,will work their way around all of your teeth, removing plaque, calculus and staining. Leaving you with fantastically clean teeth and gums.

They will perform a full gum assessment and oral cancer check, and will give you oral hygiene and tooth brushing advice tailored specially to you and your mouth, taking into consideration any factors that may be affecting your oral hygiene routine.

Your Dental Therapist will also highlight any areas for concern that you may wish to see a dentist about in the future.

What are the benefits of Direct Access Hygiene Therapy?

  • You do not need to see a dentist before your appointment
  • You do not need to be a registered patient at the practice

What are the benefits of Hygiene Therapy?

  • Our dental therapists are experts at cleaning and polishing teeth
  • Gum disease can be managed and prevented with regular hygiene therapy treatments
  • Regular visits can help to reduce the risk of expensive dental treatments and improve your oral health
  • Reducing staining and plaque can improve your self-confidence

Cost and booking

Our Direct Access Hygiene Therapy appointments cost £95 for a 45 minute appointment, and can be booked with our reception team by calling 0113 240 2140.